Re: [tied] Re: lat. barbatus

From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 14591
Date: 2002-08-27

> Is there a PIE root for greek "barbar"? ( i cut the suffix here)
The word is obviously onomatopoeic (like blah-blah), so while it might be related to Skt. <barbara-> 'stammerer, fool, pl. barbarians, foreigners', the latter might just as easily be an independently coined expressive word, *bar-bar- or *bal-bal- (cf. Lat. balbus 'stammerer'). I listed more examples of such "bar-bar" and "gol-gol" words in various languages in an earlier posting.
[Moeller] thank you very mcuh Piotr.
I should like just to inform you that the rom. has too the verb "stammer" which is "bâlbâi" .Of course my rom. dictionary says this is too an onomatopoic and "bolborosi"=speaking uninteleigible, is an onomatopoic too.
Too much onomatopoic wors almost with the same aspect in several languages, but these are too , just toughts now