Re: [tied] The Vidivarii

From: ravichaudhary2000
Message: 14570
Date: 2002-08-26

--- In cybalist@..., Piotr Gasiorowski <piotr.gasiorowski@...>

-varii (*-warija-) strongly suggests Germanic origin (cf. Baiovarii <
*baja-warija- 'Bavarians', Bede's Cantuarii, Victuarii = OE
Cantware 'the inhabitants of Kent', Wihtware 'the inhabitants of the
Isle of Wight'; OE burhware 'townsfolk', ceastergeware 'citizens',
etc.). The first part is perhaps *widu- 'wood, forest' (cf. ON names
with <viĆ°->, in which case the Vidivarii's name ('wood-folk') would
be analogous to that of the Pomezanians (OPr. median- 'forest').


Why would - Var/ War- point to a germanic origin, could it not apply
equally to a kentish or wightish origin or to another place ?.

If the term is just a general trem " woodfolk', who happen to be
found in Poland, it is one thing, but that term could appply to
woodfolk anywhere else too.