Re: [tied] The Vidivarii

From: george knysh
Message: 14569
Date: 2002-08-26

--- Piotr Gasiorowski <piotr.gasiorowski@...>
> -varii (*-warija-) strongly suggests Germanic origin
> (cf. Baiovarii < *baja-warija- 'Bavarians', Bede's
> Cantuarii, Victuarii = OE Cantware 'the inhabitants
> of Kent', Wihtware 'the inhabitants of the Isle of
> Wight'; OE burhware 'townsfolk', ceastergeware
> 'citizens', etc.). The first part is perhaps *widu-
> 'wood, forest' (cf. ON names with <vi�->, in which
> case the Vidivarii's name ('wood-folk') would be
> analogous to that of the Pomezanians (OPr. median-
> 'forest').
> Piotr

*****GK: Thanks for the analysis Piotr. Would you say
that, as to meaning, "Vidivarii", "Tervingi",
"Pomezani" and "Drevlani" represent much the same
thing, or are there subtle distinctions involved
(linguistically, of course, since historically the
differences are clear enough)?******

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