Re: [tied] lat. barbatus

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Date: 2002-08-25

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>is botez, a boteza= to baptise. Îmbãia means to bath and it
>a construction of prefix îm +bãia .

Sounds OK to me. The etymology is then Latin (im)balneatus >

[moeller] but still not to me. we have baie in romanian , we
have "banja" in "slavic", we have "bad" in german for
instance. Are they too latin ursprung?

Rom. bãrbat is trivially from Lat. barbatus "bearded". What's
your problem?

[moeller] I dont have problems with. But this "bã" is common
to all , and just for males or males atributes ( barba). Do
you think could it be just a simple coincidence?