Re: [tied] Tudor

From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 14514
Date: 2002-08-24

According to my sources, Romanian Tudor is a variant of Teodor; as such it is unrelated to Welsh Tudor. Interestingly, Welsh Tudor is cognate to Theodoric, since *Ć¾iuda-ri:k- is the Germanic equivalent (or even calque) of Celtic *teuto-ri:g- 'folk-king', but not to Theodore < Gk. tHeo-do:ros 'God's gift'.
[Moeller] this is what i knew too Piotr. But I remembered that the goths were in Dacia at a time and even in south of Danube a bit later( assumed the rumanians could be only on one part or just on the another part of Danube:-)). I am not aware if the name Theodorus appears in the history of the Roman Empire before the gothic event. If it doesnt, then maybe theodoric is the name fhere from the roman Theodore was born