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Date: 2002-08-24

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> > Interesting about a Celtic subsratum in Jutland. The references
> this site are the only ones that I am aware of. Is it for purely
> linguistic reasons that you suspect this? I won't be naive enough
> suggest a connection with the Gundestrup cauldron - I feel quite
> happy with the plunder/gift theories.
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> > Guto
> I don't. The Gundestrup couldron was found in the landscape called
> Himmerland (< Cimbri), near a fortified place called Borremose
> mose, fortress moor), dating from around 200BC, which existed until
> approx 0 CE, after which houses were built in the area. Tacitus
> mentions that the Cimbri were much reduced in his time. It is
> tempting to see Borremose as the Cimbri's last stand against
> the "Odin people" invasion.

1.On the authority of some ancient writers Cimmerians = Cimbri (=

2. It can be deduced from ancient writers that home of the Cimbri and
Teutones was in Jutland.

2.The names of the leaders of the Cimbri and Teutones are all Celtic.

3.Tacitus also mentions that in his time (thus after the "Odin
invasion") the Aestii at the south coast of the Baltic were similar
to the Britanni in custom and language.

4.The West and South Jutland dialects, like English, but unlike
standard Danish, or Old English, have no category of grammatical
gender, as if a language had been imposed on a population that would
have no clue as to the particular grammatical gender of a noun in
their new language. (All Danes, but very few others, know that the
Jutes even today is a "separate tribe". Some of them have difficulty
with using the right gender when speaking Standard Danish).

5.Danish, like the Celtic languages, but unlike other Germanic
languages except Faeroese, uses the twenties number systems. In
Danish the system originated in Jutland.
see Cimbri

Personally, I think the Gundestrup cauldron might have been brought
along by the Cimbri/Cimmerians from Thrace to Jutland on their first
arrival here.

> Torsten