Re: S(h)ibboleth

From: tgpedersen
Message: 14498
Date: 2002-08-24

--- In cybalist@..., guto rhys <gutorhys@...> wrote:
> Interesting about a Celtic subsratum in Jutland. The references on
this site are the only ones that I am aware of. Is it for purely
linguistic reasons that you suspect this? I won't be naive enough to
suggest a connection with the Gundestrup cauldron - I feel quite
happy with the plunder/gift theories.
> Guto
I don't. The Gundestrup couldron was found in the landscape called
Himmerland (< Cimbri), near a fortified place called Borremose (Borg-
mose, fortress moor), dating from around 200BC, which existed until
approx 0 CE, after which houses were built in the area. Tacitus
mentions that the Cimbri were much reduced in his time. It is
tempting to see Borremose as the Cimbri's last stand against
the "Odin people" invasion.