Re: [tied] S(h)ibboleth

From: richardwordingham
Message: 14454
Date: 2002-08-22

--- In cybalist@..., guto rhys <gutorhys@...> wrote:
> Yes, yes of course - I sould have remembered the story, espesially
as Wels until recently didn't have 'sh' ('ts'or 'z' ) . Many people
where I come from pronounce Englis 'zoo' as 'soo' - so if you want to
identify undercover Wels speakers in your midst you need only ask
where one has to go to see a simpansi or a sebra.

But pronounce the animal names properly! All I got in reply when I
tried the test was, 'You what?'. After an explanation, the subject
volunteered that his grandfather pronounced the 'shr' of 'Shrewsbury'
as 's'. I can't say I noticed it in the speech of my Welsh-speaking
grandfather. He took _us_ to task for dropping the 'w' of the town
name 'Wrexham' when I asked why the Welsh should be 'Wrecsam' and
not 'Recsam'.