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Date: 2002-08-20

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For completeness' sake:

Lat. Umbric
u:nu > unu > un --unu
duo:s > d(u)oi > doi --du-
tre:s > trei > trei --tre-
quattru > kwat(t)ru > patru --petur

and so on..

[Moeller] thank you for your completation Miguel.
I am afraid of what I say, but I see, the late evoulution of latin in
some circumstances( in this case romanian) makes a thratament like the
umbric but not like latin. Or this is weird, umbric been long time dead
as the romans got into Balkans.In fact we can say, romanian handle the
words like the P-Dialects of italic and celtic language , but not like
the Q-Dialect how latin was.
The work into this field is still at beginning, but I guess that
publishing some toughts,trough the questions of the linguists, I can see
the weakness of the reasons which induced these toughts.

best regards