Re: -lev

From: tgpedersen
Message: 14326
Date: 2002-08-14

-lev exists in Old Danish outside of place names in three words

ex: "en gardh ... som ær mit rættæ fædherne oc oldeleffue ...", ie.
inherited property since the gray past

ex, of landed property: "Hec pertinent ad kununglef...", "Inter alia
multa que pertinent ad Syghridlef"
Some have interpreted the later type of property as once belonging to
a Queen Sigrid (not very convincing). But Jon Galster
in "Guldhornenes tale" introduces the idea that the Siklings known
from Saxo were the original rulers of Sjælland, based at Ringsted (of
which town Sigersted is a suburb). The -sted place names in Denmark
follow the -lev names in avoiding West Jutland, but in some places
(eg Djursland, Central Sjælland) occur in clusters without -lev names.