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Date: 2002-08-08

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> There are no -lev names in West Jutland. This is also the area
> dialects have prefixed independent definite article, in contrast
> the suffixed article of the rest of North Germanic, although there
> are some discrepancies in detail between the two areas.
> Cf. that Alvis in Alvismál says "It is called <sol> among men, but
> <sunna> among the Aesir ("sol" is still the North Germanic word).
And he also says: "It is called ale among men, but beer among gods".
Cf the geographical distribution of the two words:
Ale: North Germanic, English, Finnish, Estonian. Latvian, Lithuanian
Beer: English, German (Dutch), French, Italian.
> This could be taken to mean that "Odin" and his people took a West
> Germanic dialect with them to Scandinavia, that originally the
> distance between the two dialects was much greater.
> Concentrations of -lev-names exist in North West Fyn and around
> Roskilde Fjord on Sjælland.
-lev names in Scaninavia are found not on, but within unhampered
(drivable) distance from a water course (that way you might be safer
from ship-born night attacks, that the stories of the time are so
full of). Later Viking ships, being flat-bottomed, needed only 60 cm
of water. Checking on my Allwag Auto-Atlas, I find that the
Thuringian -leben place names are found close to a water course too.
Not all are in Thuringia, some are in Franconia (Northern Bavaria),
just on the other side of the divide to the river Main and its
tributaries. Follow that and you get close to the settlement area of
the Tungri (ie. Tongern). On the way you pass Thüngen and
Thüngersheim. Some are in Lower Saxony, close to the Elbe (eg. the
infamous Gorleben). That would all be consistent with originally
piratical and trading Tauri.

As to the -leben names missing in Mecklenburg: the Thuringian
chronicles tells that the Thuringians were driven away from the
Baltic coast by the attacking Sacae -> Saxons. They would soon forget
any place names reminding of the claims to the place by former owners.

> Torsten