Re: [tied] the slavic influence in Balcans

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Date: 2002-08-02

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Betreff: Re: [tied] the slavic influence in Balcans

> No. That Romanian and Albanian have retained the words in their
> original (Proto-Slavic) shape, while they have been altered in
> (South-)Slavic itself is not an argument at all for them being loans
> from some Balkanic source into Slavic. That's as absurd as claiming
> that "Caesar" must be a borrowing from Germanic into Latin, because
> all the Romance languages have undergone the change kai- > ke- > ce-
> (and Germanic hasn't).
> As to the quoted forms, I will not duplicate Sergejus' extensive reply
> here.
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> Miguel Carrasquer Vidal
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the argument is weak indeed, but it doesnt change the situation too
much. If we take the old slavic word "trUgU" we have corespondents
without metathesis in baltic langauges too , in sweden too, so it seems
it is not a specificaly balcanic this word and I dubt the baltic and the
sweden got it from slavs too.
But because this word is to find on such a big area , I dont see why the
rumanians and albanians to get it from slavs. Due the fact the slavs are
coming almost at last in the histroy, it seems more probable they
borrowed it from somewhere else.

best regards

a. moeller