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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-07-14

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Subject: Re: [tied] Thracian -Satem
> Regarding the ethimology of thracian "diza" i should like to ask you if the IE radical *deiwa, the one which is assumed to have been the root of dacian "dava"
Assumed by whom? I think the majority view among those interested in Dacian is that toponymic <dava> is a derivative of *dHeh1- 'put, place'. I have myself attempted to connect it with *dah2- (as in Greek de:mo-), but I've never seen it derived from *deiwo- (if what you mean is the 'day/skygod' root -- but why should a word meaning 'town' be related to it?).
> could be too supposed to be the root of thracian "diza".
How would you explain <z> for *w, and what for? The root *dHeig^H-, meaning 'form, shape, build' has derivatives meaning 'wall' or 'rampart, fortification', including Old Persian diĆ°a: 'fortress' and Greek teikHos 'wall' (not to mention the word <paradise>, ultimately of Iranian origin, *pari-daiza- 'enclosed park'). Thracian -diza (~ -dizos) fits like a glove here.