Re: [tied] How to prepare **udon soup (was: PIE rhotacism)

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 11460
Date: 2001-11-23

>>We can reconstruct, after the "svarita lengthening rule":
>>NA **w�:da:n **wad�:n
>An afterthought:
>The form on the left is problematic,[...] Perhaps there was a rule >against
>two consecutive long vowels, so that **w�:da:n becomes
>**w�:dan > *w�dr.
>That would also explain a form like coll. *dk^�mt(h2), not
>**dk^�mot(h2) (< **dak^�:ma(:)t).

Arrgh. Why on earth would there be a rule against two consecutive
long vowels?? Japanese does just fine without that rule.

Why don't you just face the music, Miguel. Your idea needs to
scrap the long vowels and adopt a NORMAL VOWEL SYSTEM. The original
form was *wat:en where *a>*o and unstressed *e disappears, as
shown in so many other cases. Totally regular and totally

- love gLeN

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