[tied] Re: Goths: IE Languages vs Germanic

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Date: 2001-10-18

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> This strengthens my guess that <gottHoi> was inluenced by <gutþiuda-
> Piotr
if you indulge my beginner knowledge how are theses words this

GutPiuda _ a 'hard' gut

gott hoi - a ' hard' Gott

Goth - a soft -th

Are we in essence saying that Goth, gott, and gut are the same.

Incidently 'Gut' - means a group, to emphasize ,a 'close group' in
Hindi, Punjabi.

In english there is often a tendencey to spell words one way and
pronounce them in another way.

In sanskrit, hindi etc the phoenetics and the spelling are close.

Clarification would ne most welcome.