Greek Gods I : APOLLO

From: Glen Gordon
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Date: 2001-09-21

>Shouldn't *Yemos be the one with the twin?

*Yemos _is_ a twin. He is the brother of *Manus. Quite simply, the beautiful
*Yemos was hunted down
by his own twin brother, the hunter, and was reincarnated by some snazzy
shaman magic. From
there on in, *Yemos became the god of earth and represented the yearly
renewal of vegetation. He is
synonymous in many respects with Tammuz, except that he had not yet acquired
a "solar" persona
yet, aside from being one of the Horse Twins of the sun goddess *Sxwe:l.
Since he was the earth
god and since many IEs buried their dead, he became the god of death as
well. Oh yes, and this
ties in with the Achilles heel thing because I think it was originally
*Sxwe:l who went around to
every living thing to make a pact with them that they would never harm her
two sons. Alotta good
THAT did! Sheesh!

Consequently, *Manus was punished for his act and was punished by becoming
mortal, having to
fight off monsters attacking him, making his life difficult. One of the
monsters was a water serpent
that, when slayed, became all the rivers of the earth. The whole tale is
part of a large moral
against murder and stuff like that and probably is the origin of the "he is
as a wolf"=criminal thing.

... Or so I thinks.

I have not yet studied the musical aspects of IE culture yet but I suspect
that if there were gods in the IE
pantheon with musical capabilities, it would either be *Manus or *Yemos.
Why? Well, I think of later
Greek gods like Pan or the centaurs with animal/forest/land/fertility
connections as well as musical

Later on, it's clear that generations of gods get shifted around in all
sorts of mythologies and the
divine family tree is altered to suit changing tastes and values. So, we can
easily end up with a
merger of the sun goddess with her twins for instance, changing the
mother-and-sons relationship
into a wife-and-rivaling-suitors relationship, thereby transfering the "sun"
aspect while still retaining a
connection with the earth.

Glen Gordon

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