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. Still, there was obviously a trade network that is probably underappreciated since it's not exactly the safest place to work for archaeologists. In SE Iran was a trade center called Yahza or Yahya or something like that. It seems to have been the center of the Indus-Afghan-Elam trade route.

Tepe Yahya is the name you are searching for, it is on the land rout from Elamite Susa during the Bronze Age to Mohenjo Daro and from there north to Harappa.  There was a northern route direct to Bactria by which tin and lapis caravans followed an established trade.  There is speculation that Elam ruled much of the Iranian platteau before the arrival of the Indo European tribes in the first millenium and that they had a land frontier with the Harappan culture(s).

   Has anyone noted any resemblence between Old Elamite and the Dravidian languages?  There were no Indo Europeans in the area of South Iran until the ninth C. at the earliest, they would have been nomadic herders like those in Luristan, a niche that was already taken. The Lurs were not IE and their territories stood between the north and Elam.

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