Greek Gods I : APOLLO

From: João S. Lopes Filho
Message: 9631
Date: 2001-09-20

I propose we start to try to analyzes the complexities of Greek deities. We must exchange our ideas by adding all possible traits for each god. But one god for each time, to prevent confusions.
1) God of healing and disease, avenger, archer, wolves and mice, Northern realm, son-killer (Ganesha by Rudra; Miach by Diancecht; Asklepios doesnt fit, because killed by Zeus, but perhaps in original tale he's killed by Apollo). - IE
2) shepherd god - IE or not
3) young god of light, like Egyptian Horus - Egyptian? Afro-Asiatic? Mediterranean?  (Horus x Seth = Apollo x Python?)
4) God of Sun, sired by two goddesses, Night and Dawn (Apollo-Leto-Artemis) - IE ?  Does Seilenos fit in this one?
5) Couple of twins  (Apollo-Artemis  Freyr-Freyja Oengus-Brigit) - "Proto-European"?
6) God of music - IE? (A priestly singing god like Brhaspati? Bragi?)
7) Medicine gods, like Ugaritic Refaim. Semitic?
8) Anatolian plague-bringer, cf. Jarrish - maybe from Sumeria? Or the same as (1)?
9) Dragon-slayer - almost universal