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Message: 9582
Date: 2001-09-18

What? I'm confused! How can the "i" not be long? Doesn't Vedic
-l.- < -d.- < *-z.d.- < *-z^d- with compensatory lengthening on the
loss of the *z.? Is the "i" short only in the name of the goddess or
is it also short in the term for a libation? If it's short only in
the name of the goddess then might it be of Dravidian origin and
unrelated to the Avestan and Sanskrit words for libation? And what
happened to the "d" in Av. i:z^a:?

--- In cybalist@..., "Piotr Gasiorowski" <gpiotr@...> wrote:
> The goddess's name is <il.a:> or <id.a:> (with a short <i>). As a
common noun, this means "refreshment, comfort", or a libation
prepared from milk. This is certainly a cognate of Avestan i:z^a:,
given the complete identity of meaning. The formal relation is not
quite clear to me.
> In <agnim i:l.e purohitam ...> "I laud Agni the foremost (priest)",
<i:l.e> is the 1sg. (with a middle ending) of <i:d.-> (Rigvedic <i:l.-
>) 'ask, request; praise'. I wonder if it is related to <is.-> 'seek,
request' (<icchati>, Slavic *iskati, etc.): *is-d- > *iz^d- > i:d.-
> Piotr