Re: Apollo

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 9573
Date: 2001-09-18

I always thought that there was a direct connection between Apollo
and Bel[en-os us]From belo, bright, with ties to both sun and moon.
There is an overt connection between Apollo and Silenus, in The
Cattle Raid of Hermes; Sophocles' Ichneutai. Silenus (S(e)ile:nós)
appears to be taken from the IE swel- as well Greek heíle:/héle
possibly meaning, sun's warmth, sun's ray. In the context of
Ichneutai, the role of Silenus has been all but completely taken over
by Apollo. Here Silenus has been reduced to a satyr. Then there is
Artemis, Apollos twin, without doubt associated with the moon goddess
Selene; the moon.

Again there seems to be a strong Apollo association to Bel, bright,
as Apollo's true Hellenic name is Phoebus, the shining one. Based
on the Alaksandu Treaty its clear that Apollo is not Hellenic. Maybe
its Luwian or maybe its not IE but Pelasgian?

Here we have Apollo as Appaliunas one of the three witness gods of
Wilusa. Wilusa is most likely Ilios who's chief god was Apollo as
well. Phoebus also often includes the epithet Argurótoxos, of the
silver bow, a reference to the lunar crescent. I'm wondering if
Appaliunas could be Appa (father) liuna-s (moon). Isn't appa
Tyrrhenian and atta Luwian for father?
Additional thoughts?

JS Crary