Re: [tied] Nostradamus and Dumezil

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-09-15

Actually, they are not similar-sounding. They are merely similar-looking if you use a grossly simplified Anglicised spelling. For example, you quote Polish "jedza", but the word is actually <je,dza>, with a little hook under the <e> (<e,>), which indicates nasality. The actual pronunciation is [jendza]. Besides, chronology must not be ignored. At the time when the Bible was written down, the word was (approximately) *inga: in pre-Proto-Slavic. Not quite similar to <'iyezebel>.
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> Your guess about Jezebel is completely fanciful (like nearly
all "etymologies" based on superficial similarity), as 'Iyezebel is a
name with a perfectly good Semitic etymology.
Actually, it wasn't my guess, though I forget where I read it. I
don't know why Jezebel's perfectly good Semitic etymology is such an
insurmountable problem. Is it not possible they found a similar-
sounding word in their langauge and used that for the name of an
adopted demon?