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Date: 2001-09-12

On Rajasthan - you are correct it would be the place of the king or
Kings. Earlier is was known as Rajputana, - place of the
Rajputs.When the name shifted from Rajputana to Rajastan, I am not
sure.Probably sometime after 1947.

But then - stan or -sthan is a common suffix found in central asia is
it not??

- Another common suffix on which I would not mind some information
is - Kanth as in Taskent or Taskanth. Kanth is the edge of the pond
or lake found commonly , at least in North India.

Perhaps you or Piotr could help

The sahara, kalahari desrts would be the sahara, kalahari -

The desert in Rajastahn is known as the Thar desrt or in Hindi the
Thar registhan.

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--- In cybalist@..., markodegard@... wrote:
> Ravi writes:
> > In hindi today
> > Registan is a " desert" and desert, to me a sandy desrt..
> I think you are saying that because Registan *is* a desert, modern
> Hindi has generalized the word to mean *any* desert (of the sandy
> variety). What does modern Hindi call the Saraha or Kalahari or
> Atacama deserts? 'Registans'?
> I assume I am correct in translating it (and Rajasthan) as 'king's
> place', 'kingly place'.