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Date: 2001-09-12

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Subject : Re: [tied] Danubian homeland?
I've read this as well
>However, Longbarrow mounds are primarily focused outside the areas
>were LBK longhouses or megerons dominate
>JS Crary

I know I might be straying a little into pure speculation here but;
Surely that's part of the point?

The tradition of whatever it was that went on inside these possible 'cult' buildings [as opposed to the more obviously domestic structures] has maybe been taken up by the peripheral areas of the LBK [as part of a general Neolithic package] and been given a slightly different expression by peoples who COULDN'T go for the original style ritual, perhaps because of incompatibilities of social organisation, or different levels of sedentism/mobility? I'll go back to my sources and have a rethink of the matter, but perhaps if you could elaborate your disagreements?


Ben McGarr

Oooh, I just remembered summat Odin once said on the matter:

"Hills of Home"!!!

I defy you to get an authority greater than Him!

[If anything, it points out the readiness of people to make this analogy. As if this were needed]

>Vae victis.

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