Re: Did IE languages spread before farming?

From: markodegard@...
Message: 9237
Date: 2001-09-09

> Assume *Kwekwelo- connoted the wheel; what are the IE or PIE terms
> for: axle, draft pole and a verb meaning 'to go or convey in a
> vehicle'?

There is also the roto- word.

The online AHD4 etymological notes will give you the axle etymon. It
actually resembles English 'axle'. EIEC gives the Old Indic cognate as

The draft pole or shaft seems to be *h2/3éih1os (EIEC transcription).
This word underlies English 'oar'. The Old Indic cognate is Is.á
(there should be a macron above the 'a' as well, also EIEC

There is also a word for 'nave', another wagon-part.

I am unfamiliar for the 'go/convey in a vehicle' word.