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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-09-08

Dear Thunrastainaz,
Of course <þôrr> comes from assimilated <þun(a)rr> < *þunaraz (Donner, thunder < OE þunor), from PIE *tonh2-/*tnh2- (cf. latin tonitrus), which sort of weakens Snorri's etymology ;)
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from Snorri's prolog:
Near the centre of the world where what we call Turkey lies, was
built the most famous of all palaces and halls - Troy by name. That
town was built on a much larger scale than others then in existence
and in many ways with greater skill, so lavishly was it equipped.
There were twelve kingdoms with one over-king, and each kingdom
contained many peoples. In the citadel were twelve chieftains and
these excelled other men then living in every human fashion. One of
the kings was called Múnón or Mennón. He married a daughter of the
chief king Priam who was called Tróáin, and they had a son named
Trór - we call him Thór. He was brought up in Thrace by a duke called
Loricus and, when he was ten years old, he received his father's arms.

Now that's interesting. It seems that Thor was a mulatto. Well - live
and learn I say. That sheds new light on his somewhat Tyson-like
behavior in other accounts.

Other that that I'm still digesting the rest of the posting. But it
all seems interesting.