Aeneas - Romulus

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Date: 2001-09-04

Diodorus Siculus VII, 5:
"Some writers have erroneously assumed that Romulus and his brother,
who founded Rome, were the grandsons of Aeneas. But this is not so;
there have been many Kings in the time between Aeneas and Romulus,
and Rome is founded in the second year of the seventh olympiad [750
BCE]. This foundation occured 433 years after the Trojan war [1184
BCE according to the Greek chronologist Eratosthenes]."

Aeneas ruled 3 years
Ascanius 38
Silvius 49
Aeneas Silvius 30
Latinus Silvius 50
Albas Silvius 38
Epitus Silvius 26
Apis (Kapys?) 28
Kalpet 13
Tiberius Silvius 8
Agripas 41
Arramulius (Remulus?) Silvius 19
Aventius 37
Procas Silvius 23
Amulius 43
Romulus & Remus

But the lengths of those reigns look like constructed to fit with the
433 years that Diodorus has obtained by subtracting the traditional
foundation year of Rome from the traditional year for the fall of
Troy? Give the 16 rulers an average of 5 years in unruly times and
suddenly the total falls within the span of three generations?