Re: [tied] Bog

From: Andrei Markine
Message: 9022
Date: 2001-09-04

I would assume that 'bogaty' originally meant 'one who has gods on his side'
Compare with other adjectives with -at- and -ast- suffixes:
nos (nose) > nosatyi (with big nose)
ushi (ears) > ushastyi (with big ears)
glaz (eye) > glazastyi (with sharp eyes)

They don't look like past participles to me.


At 9/4/01 08:59 AM +0000, you wrote:

>Is Rus. <bogat-> "rich" related to that Iranian > Slavic <bog> "god"
>word? EIEC doesn't put it there. It looks like a -t past participle
>of a non-existent *bogati "to apportion"?
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