Re: Glen & Joseph's Tyrrhenian

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 8952
Date: 2001-09-02


I believe this deduction is in part due to an equating the
Etruscans with the Villanova Culture and certain weapon types found
in Italy and Sardinia. There also are complexes known as the pre-
Villanova and Terremare Culture. The most significant problem is one
must be very careful about the dating of these culture, as there have
been few attempts to establish a relative sequence. Several
conflicting chronologies are current. One dates the Terremare to 2000
BC another as late as 1000 BC. The same can be said of the pre-Villa
and Villanova cultures as well.

Still, several points are clear. The Terremare complex is
contemporary with the Temperate European Late Bronze Age and the
beginning of the Urnfield Culture. The Villanova Culture overlaps
with the latter stages of the Terremare complex, thus it occupies
both a Late Bronze and Early Iron Age temporal placement. Both the
Terremare and Villanova cultures are associated with Urnfield Culture
and the arrival of Italic speaking people and their mixing with local
groups. This can be seen in items of dress, weapons, burial patterns,
and architecture. In all this the Tyyrhenians appear nowhere, except
for Late Bronze Age weapons and bronzes. The complex that is
associated with the historic Etruscans does not appear until the
beginning of the ninth century. However, I can not stress more the
perceived gap between the end of the 13th century Sea Peoples and the
early 9th century Etruscans of Italy may be more apparent than real.
Here only time will tell.

JS Crary