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Date: 2001-09-01

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You risk a Bobbit. Best regards,  John Piscopo
You gotta take risks, y'know..........  :o)  Hakan  Lindgren

Dear Friends,

   For any of you who do not know, Lorena Bobbit cut off her husband's penis
while he was sleeping, took a drive and threw it out the window.  The police
were called and a search for the missing wife led to a highway search for the
missing penis, which was found and reattached successfully.

  The word bobbit entered the American English lexicon as to bobbit, defined
as to cut off the penis of your (Husband, boyfriend, lover, etc). Examples in

   She gave him a bobbit.

   She threatened to bobbit him.

   After he made love to her against his wishes, she bobbited him.

   There are no known homosexual usages, yet.

Note, this is not the same as castration which refers to the removal of the

    Happily, bobbiting did not become a new American fad.  A television
program, Law & Order, featured a story line within a larger story where a
woman bobbited her husband because he was fooling around with other women.  
He died of a heart attack on the way to the hospital.  Her lawyer argued
marital rape until the news came of his death, then she pleaded guilty to
murder in a state of guilt.

   Mr. Bobbit was divorced and remarried, not with a great deal of happiness
according to the last news stories I rememberd.

   Lorena served a short prison term and was released on probation.  Nobody
has heard of any man wanting to date her.

Best regards,  John Piscopo
PO Box 137
Western Springs, IL 60558-0137