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Date: 2001-08-31

The only thing that the comparative light-skinned and European
features of the population of modern northern India proves is that
the region was largely depopulated of darker Dravidian types when the
Indo-Aryans moved into that area in the mid-2nd millenium BC. I think
archaeology supports this. This does NOT suggest that northern India
was populated since the Ice Age by light-skinned European types
speaking an early Burushaski language.

Also, archaeology shows that palaeolithic man adapted to the tundra
steppes and spread throughout an eco-zone all the way into Siberia,
hunting mammoth and anything else that moved. Speculation on contacts
with the Mongoloids and even the origin of the Ainu may be justified.
However, to suggest that these cromagnons were driven south into
India is hyper-speculation.

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> Kalyanaraman:
> >What may have immigrated under Ice Age climatic pressure is the
> >European racial type, strongly present in India's NW and more dimly
> >as one moves S and E. But this says little about their culture or
> >language, which in 10,000+ BC cannot have been PIE anyway, let
> >Indo-Aryan.
> Those must be ancestors to the Burushaski as they seperated
> from early Yeneseians in the Central Asian steppes at this time.
> The two languages were cleaved apart by the east-to-west migration
> of the NWC language as it spread from the SinoDene centre located
> further east. By 9,000 BCE, hunter-gatherers speaking Proto-Steppe
> (a Nostratic language and linguistic ancestor of IE, Uralic,
> Altaic, etc) came from the southwest. Dravidian
> didn't enter India until about 5000 BCE from the South Caspian area.
> So basically, there are three main language families in Central
> Asia after the Ice Age (BuruYen, SinoDene and Steppe) and the first
> two (BuruYen and SinoDene) are closely related.
> Thanx, guys, that genetic/physiological tidbit totally validates
> my suspicions about the state of Central Asian languages after the
> Ice Age! I'll have to look more into that.
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