Re: [tied] Occitan and "La Langue d'Oc"

From: Che DeBarna
Message: 8862
Date: 2001-08-30

Nice! I already knew that link! If you are amazed by the intercomprehension
between occitan and French, try this:

It is a brief description of the language from the Catalan Government's web
site (in Catalan, of course). You will notice that written Catalan and
written French are almost totally intelligible each to the other. And what
to say about Catalan and Occitan! Well, in fact, as there's no fixed occitan
standard, it depends on which dialectal form you're reading, some are closer
to French and some closer to Catalan.

If you are not a native french speaker, maybe you think it's not so clear,
but for me written french is totally understandable. I can also understand
easily spoken Occitan. Such a pity French pronnouncing is so difficult (and
so different to spelling!)

Oh! And yes, "oc" means "yes" (formerly, in catalan, and still in rethorical
interrogations like english "isn't it?" "oi" > french "oui". Today we say

>From: "Glen Gordon" <glengordon01@...>
>Subject: [tied] Occitan and "La Langue d'Oc"
>Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 15:50:03
>Che Barna:
> >[...](did you enter la France through Tolosa - Toulousse, I think -de
> >Languedoc?).
>/Langue d'Oc/ = "The language of Oc". According to the explanation
>given to me by my French Immersion teachers in high school, "oc"
>is supposed to be the word for "yes" in Occitan, hence the name.
>Speaking of which, I had found this link a year ago and to my
>delight, I discovered that I could totally understand Occitan since
>it's so much like French! The title reads in Occitan:
> Occitan: "Quauques petits diccionaris : clicatz suu t�tou"
> French: "Quelques petits dictionnaires : cliquez sur titre"
>It's eery. Here's the link:
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