Occitan and "La Langue d'Oc"

From: Glen Gordon
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Date: 2001-08-30

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Che Barna:
>[...](did you enter la France through Tolosa - Toulousse, I think -de

/Langue d'Oc/ = "The language of Oc". According to the explanation
given to me by my French Immersion teachers in high school, "oc"
is supposed to be the word for "yes" in Occitan, hence the name.
Speaking of which, I had found this link a year ago and to my
delight, I discovered that I could totally understand Occitan since
it's so much like French! The title reads in Occitan:

Occitan: "Quauques petits diccionaris : clicatz suu t�tou"
French: "Quelques petits dictionnaires : cliquez sur titre"

It's eery. Here's the link:


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