Re: [tied] -lh- and some questions

From: Che DeBarna
Message: 8855
Date: 2001-08-30

>From: tgpedersen@...
>Subject: [tied] -lh-
>Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 09:32:30 -0000
"I recall seeing a readside advertising board just north of the French
Spanish border, east side, in the local language ((true?) Catalan)
which had <solelh> "sun"."
Amazing that you found something in a local language in la France! We could say they're kind of "restrictive" towards those languages different to French...
Anyway, I can certificate that "lh" is occitan. In catalan we write "ll". Maybe you passed to France through the Aran Valley, a part of Catalonia which is Gascon speaking (by the way, anybody can help me about euskeric substratum in Gascon and the rest of galloromanic languages?) or maybe further west (did you enter la France through Tolosa - Toulousse, I think -de Languedoc?).
I'd like to take the chance to ask for some info about the "ipse" article. I recently read in the IEDB that it's thought to be a unique feature of Sardinian, but we Catalans also have it in "es, sa" in the Balearic dialects (together with "el, la" which is an importation from the Peninsula to the islands). We know that this Balearic feature is due to the fact that these islands where repopulated with Oriental Catalans that used to use this "ipse"> "es" (in some parts of la Selva, in Girona, in the north-east, they still use it). And my thought is this: if Sardinian is though to have a strong preindoeuropean substratum and this substratum is thought to be related to Iberian, can it be that our (catalan) iberian substratum forced this "ipse" feature? I remember that iberian settlements spread through all the Eastern Iberic coastal side and passed through the Pyrenees until the limit of northern Catalonia, in France, it is, the current Catalan speaking areas. If it is like this, why everybody sais that catalan is not influenced at all by the iberian substratum?

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