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From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 8792
Date: 2001-08-28

Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, An Intermediate Greek-English


I. of Place, over, above:
1. in a state of rest, sternon huper mazoio Il.; huper kephalês
stênai tini to stand over his head, Hom.: of countries, above,
further inland, oikeontes huper Halikarnêssou mesogaian Hdt.
2. in a state of motion, over, across, huper thalassês kai
potômenois Aesch.
3. over, beyond, huper pontou Od.
II. metaph., from the notion of standing over to protect, for, for
defence of, in behalf of, hekatombên rhexai huper Danaôn Il.;
huper tês poleôs Xen.; huper tês patridos amunein to fight
for one's
country, etc.
2. for the sake of a person or thing, lissesthai huper tokeôn, hu.
patros kai mêtros Il.
3. c. inf. for the purpose of, huper tou mêdena apothnêskein to
prevent any one from dying, Xen.
4. for, instead of, in the name of, huper heautou Thuc.;
huper humôn acting as general by commission from you, Dem.
III. like peri, on, of, concerning, Lat. de, huper sethen aischea
akouô Il.; ta legomena huper tinos Hdt.
B. WITH ACC., expressing that over and beyond which a thing goes,
I. of Place, over, beyond, Hom., Plat.
II. of Measure, over, above, exceeding, beyond, huper to beltiston
Aesch.; huper elpida Soph., etc.
2. of transgression, beyond, contrary to, huper aisan, huper moiran,
huper horkia Il.
III. of Number, above, upwards of, huper tesserakonta Hdt., Xen.;
huper to hêmisu more than half, Xen.
IV. of Time, beyond, i. e. before, earlier than, ho huper ta
polemos Thuc.
C. POSITION: huper may follow its Subst., but then by anastrophe
becomes huper, Hom., Trag.
D. AS ADV. over much, above measure, huper men agan Eur.; written
huperagan, Strab., etc.
1. of Place, over, beyond, in huper-bainô, huper-pontios.
2. for, in defence of, in huper-aspizô, huper-algeô.
3. above measure, in huper-êphanos, huper-phialos.