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Date: 2001-08-28

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Here the people of Lemnos are called Pelasgian near the time the
lemnos text was inscribed. Thus, it is no stretch to conclude that
Lemnos was a Pelasgian language and by extension so was Tyyrhenian.
No? I believe this deminstrates that there are Pelasgian texts
availble, they are just called Tyyrhenian. Since Herodot was from
Anatolia I dont think he was wrong.

This conflicts with:

"What the language of the Pelasgi was I cannot say with any certainty. If
however, we may form a conjecture from the tongue spoken by the Pelasgi of
the present day, - those, for instance, who live at Creston ABOVE THE
TYRRHENIANS ..." (Herodotus: "Histories", Book I, my emphasis), where the
Tyrrhenians and Pelasgians are referred to as two separate peoples.

Ed. Robertson