Re: [tied] Re: Glen's Strange Rule

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 8717
Date: 2001-08-24

Mark slurs the following:
>I gather you have them camped on the east shore of the
>Aral-Caspian-Euxine interfluve, freezing their buns off?

Say wha'? IndoTyrrhenian comes off the steppe between 8500 and
7500 BCE as always and fragments circa 7000 BCE north of the
Black Sea. It's just that the time range is different for
Tyrrhenian which is now set at 7000-4500 BCE instead of
7000-5500. I place them still in the same location (Eastern

Why am I doing this? Since information on Tyrrhenian languages
is now slowly accumulating on the net, I'm finding some great
resources on Rhaetic. I've managed to find the Lemnos Stele and
have analysed that. I've also found some stuff on EteoCypriot,
which looks like a cross between Lemnian and Rhaetic from the
sample I've seen of it. (The inscription almost makes sense to
me!) That makes three to four languages that all look somewhat
undifferentiated. I notice abuncha similarities like:

- They are so similar that they all seem to have
undergone *CaCV- > *(C)CV-
- They share "lasana"-like words which I'm suspecting
derive from *tl�sena < *tar�sena/*tarw�sena

Etruscan /raSna/
Rhaetic /laSanu-/
EteoCyp /lasana/

If there is a Tyrrhenian *tarw�sena word and if it
truely relates to the placename of "Troy", as is
often mentioned, the date of Tyrrhenian is effectively
dated, nyet? A theoretical *Tarw�se "Troy", combined
with other places like *Xottena "Four Tribes" (Ytte:nia)
are telling me, "Hey, Glen, why don't you date Tyrrhenian
to 4500 BCE, you stupid freak, when cities are more likely
to have existed?" And then I go, "Yeah, man. Why not, eh?
That would be wonderfully controversial and people are
then *sure* to hate me... Teehee!"

All that combined with the blatantly common grammatical endings
makes it all seem like 5500 BCE is an unlikely date of
fragmentation. It has to be sooner for so many reasons.

gLeNny gEe
...wEbDeVEr gOne bEsErK!

email: glengordon01@...

>gLeNny electrolocutes:
> > please
> > do not be shocked. I'm toying with a new idea that dates
> > everything as follows:
> >
> > Tyrrhenian 7000-4500 BCE
> > EtruscoLemnian 4500-1500 BCE
>I gather you have them camped on the east shore of the
>Aral-Caspian-Euxine interfluve, freezing their buns off?

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