Re: Glen's Strange Rule

From: jdcroft@...
Message: 8716
Date: 2001-08-24

Hi folks

Wading through Glen's points on Tyrrhenian after a long absence I
found the following pearl.

> Tyrrhenian Rhaetic Etruscan
> ------------------------------------------------------
> *aisa -ais- ais "god"
> *alpa up- alp- "to give"
> *alpéniu paniu- alpanu "little offering"
> *-ka -ku -che [passive]
> *pala -pala falau "mountain"
> *saka sx- sac- "to be sacred"
> *tlesena lasanu- ras'na "Tyrrhenians"
> Just some new thoughts to munch on.

I have been, as a linguistic amateur been looking at the name "Peoples
of the Sea" given by the Egyptians to the peoples at the end
of the Bronze Age. I was wondering if rather than a purely
Egyptian name this represented an Egyptian "transliteration"
of what these people called themselves. Translated back into
Grecianised attempts at Pelasgian "Peoples of the Sea" would give
us *thalassenoi.

Glen, any possibility of a connection here with your reconstructed

Just wondering.

Warm regards