Re: [tied] Glen's Strange Rule

From: Marc Verhaegen
Message: 8703
Date: 2001-08-23

>>OK, thank you very much. Was this disappearance of /a/ (= /&/ ?) in the first syllable part of a general disappearance of /a/ in Etruscan?

>I don't think so. A language without any a-like vowels (with at least allophonic status) would be a typological oddity. An unmarked vowel will occur frequently to compensate for its tendency to be elided. Anyway, I haven't yet said that Glen's analysis of Tyrrhenian is correct. I only proposed a mechanism that could account for the kind of effect suggested by Glen.
OK, thanks.
>BTW, his stress rule is the mirror image of the Old French stress pattern: stress the final syllable unless it contains schwa (in which case stress the penult). Note also that French final-syllable schwa typically derived from Proto-Romance *a    Piotr
Yes, but this proto-Romance -a was not stressed (and proto-Romance -o and -e had disappeared before - in Spanish (and Italian) it's -e that has disappeared, not -o and -a). In Etruscan the first syllable is stressed. Wouldn't this reduce the possiblity of disappearing?