Re: [tied] Glen's Strange Rule

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 8701
Date: 2001-08-23

Marc V:
>OK, thank you very much. Was this disappearance of /a/ (= /&/ ?) in >the
>first syllable part of a general disappearance of /a/ in Etruscan?

Actually, I'm not sure if I understand you, Marc. I've proposed
that the initial accent avoids *a in Tyrrhenian, of course, and this
would have caused initial consonant clusters for a temporary point
in time (*p:arowa > *p:rowa > *rowa > Etr. /ruva/). However,
this doesn't mean Etruscan lacked instances of /a/ in the first
syllable, because it *does* have /a/ all over. There are alternations
of /e/ versus /a/ such as /cer-/ or /car-/ "to make", for instance.
Plus, if Piotr's input is relevant here, there may be exceptions
of the form *CaCa- with accent on the *first* syllable. Etruscan
should retain the first /a/ in these cases.

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