Tyrrhenian and its relation to IE

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 8699
Date: 2001-08-23

Pat slowly comes around to reason:
>Sumerian is an ergative language. Kartvelian is a mixed nom-acc./erg.-abs.
>language. I know of no demonstrated eragtive
>characteristic of Afro-asiatic.

We can conclusively say that there is no "eragtive" characteristic
of AA, as you say >:P

I wonder why the EncBrit would conspire to make such a big fat fib
like "Hamito-Semitic apparently developed from a protolanguage
with an ergative type of sentence construction". You can never
trust those encyclopaedias anymore, what with their heavily
researched information 'n all.

So as I said: Sumerian, AA and Kartvelian (the more ancient
and conservative lg groups of Nostratic) demonstrate ergativity
and only a specific subbranch (Eurasiatique sans le sumerien) sports
the innovative accusative case in *-m. Therefore, "ergative IE"
equals "Nostratic". Even if *you* don't understand, Pat, I'm sure
everyone on this list gets it by now.

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>So how on earth can we
> > insist that Nostratic had an accusative case with *ma that just
> > happened to survive in function and form for 9000 years completely
> > unscathed? This should be simple to understand - There is no
> > substantiation for a Nostratic accusative case despite what
> > prominent Nostraticists may casually rant.
>I agree. Most likely, Nostratic was an active language. Lehmann has
>detected residues from that stage in IE.
> > Ergo, the so-called "ergative stage of IE" is synonymous with
> > Nostratic.
>Does not follow.
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