Tyrrhenian and its relation to IE

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 8661
Date: 2001-08-22

Mark O:
>Remaining sceptical of 'IndoTyrrhenian', you are saying (ignoring
>niceties of word order):
>gLeNny-nom | dis-past | Pat-acc | sarcasm's-gen/agentive.
>gLeNny dissed Pat by sarcasm's agency.

Yes, I think you('ve) got it. Although, with proper word order
and grammar, it would be more along the lines of:

gLeNny Pat-ACC sarcasm-GEN dis-PERF-3psSTAT.
(*-m) (*-se) (*-k:-a)

I don't think IndoT used tenses, only aspect and mood.

Actually, to further complicate the accusative case, I could add
that the inanimate accusative was unmarked and that the accusative
of animate nouns could be marked with _two_ cases: accusative *-m
(for definite) and partitive *-ta (for indefinite).

Don't worry - I even confuse myself sometimes.

gLeNny gEe
...wEbDeVEr gOne bEsErK!

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