[tied] Re: Odin as a Trojan Prince

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 8603
Date: 2001-08-18

If there is a Etruscan-Pelasgain-Meii connection
the early kings of Meii and Phyrgia-Lydia are called the sons of

From what I've read, the Classical sources recognized a group of
similar languages used in Anatolia, Aegean, Macedonia, Greece, and
Italy as belonging to a parent language they collectively called
Pelasgian. Of this Pelasgian language group several individual
languages appear to have been referred to. These are Lemnian,
Etruscan, Fessalian, and Meian?, as well as several Ionic-, Epirusic-
, Crete-, and Thracian- Pelasgian languages/dialects. With the
addition of Rhaetian (when a solid connection can be demonstrated) it
begins to appears that the Pelasgian may be part of a much larger
language family. I suggest this group is not representative of the
early eastern european agricultural culture. Instead I propose they
are what has mistakenly been called the early IE Kurgan Waves

The Classical authors also clearly differentiate Pelasgian from
another major non IE language group used by the people of some
southern Aegean islands, Crete, and southwestern Anatolia .

Several closing points. Aeneas was not a Trojan, rather he was a
Dardanu. When He arrives in Italy he settled among the Latin tribes
(the Vallanova or Urnfield-Italic culture) at the town of Lavinium
Longa, and Alba Aeneas was associated with the Anatolian Aphrodite
and a set of twin household gods called the Penates.

JS Crary