[tied] Re: Odin as a Trojan Prince

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Date: 2001-08-18

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> Well, I was not saying that in IE mythology the horse is allways
associated to apocalyptical destruction, but that there's some traits
of an older myth involving a horse (or a mare) in a kind of proto-
Ragnarok. There was also traits of supernatural horses helping
heroes, like Pegasus or Areion. Speaking of Pegasos... could be
ending -asos akin to Indo-Iranian ashva?
> So, Pe:gasos < * Bhaga-asva "Godly Horse"? Perhaps originally
*Bagasos, later due folk-etymological association with pe:ge: "well,
fountain" turned into Pa:gasos?
> Joao SL
> Rio, Brazil

Or rather "gift horse"?
This is from EIEC

Bagaios epithet of Zeus Phrygian

As for the bh/p thing, it is one of the alternations, Møller proposes
to account for Noreen's "Wechselformen" (alternating forms), eg. (and
case in point)
*-bh- :
flumen Latin


*-p- :
pluit Latin
flood English