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From: Joseph S Crary
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Date: 2001-08-17

More Telephus

Apollodorus, Library and Epitome

[chapter 17]
agnoountes de ton epi Troian ploun Musiai prosischousi kai tautên
eporthoun, Troian nomizontes einai. basileuôn de Têlephos
Hêrakleous pais, idôn tên chôran leêlatoumenên,
tous Musous
kathoplisas epi tas naus sunediôke tous Hellênas kai pollous
apekteinen, en hois kai Thersandron ton Poluneikous hupostanta.
hormêsantos de Achilleôs ep' auton ou meinas ediôketo: kai
emplakeis eis ampelou klêma ton mêron titrôsketai dorati.

But, not finding Troian on the voyage, [they] took Musiai and this to
plunder, as customarily [they would] hold Troian. When Têlephos
of [the] Musôn, children of Hêrakleous, beheld this pillage,
gathered [and] lead the Musous to pursue the Hellênas onto their
ships killing many, here too Thersandron [son] of Poluneikous [was]
lain-low. Then, Achilleôs himself anchored, not to stay, [but] to
rally; to rush, to weave a vine branch, [and with] stem to wound the

Traditional Rendering
[17] But not knowing the course to steer for Troy, they put in to
Mysia and ravaged it, supposing it to be Troy.1 Now Telephus son of
Hercules, was king of the Mysians, and seeing the country pillaged,
he armed the Mysians, chased the Greeks in a crowd to the ships, and
killed many, among them Thersander, son of Polynices, who had made a
stand. But when Achilles rushed at him, Telephus did not abide the
onset and was pursued, and in the pursuit he was entangled in a vine-
branch and wounded with a spear in the thigh.

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