Online Etruscan glossaries available aplenty

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 8489
Date: 2001-08-14

An unnamed soul writes:
>>No, but how about Etruscan (and Lemnian) *as- "god"

How about what now? This word doesn't even exist. The word for
"god" is spelled /ais/ or /eis/ in Etruscan, not **as-. It's bad
etiquette to make up words or new spellings of words, especially
when there are so many online resources on Etruscan that are
available for even the laziest of linguists among us. The Lemnos
Stele is also available online for easy perusal.

All it takes is a quick search on Yahoo for "Etruscan glossary"
and you'll find plenty of info. How lazy does one have to be, to go
through the trouble of connecting oneself to an online linguistic
forum and yet to find quick searches on Yahoo too much of an extra effort??

Sometimes I wonder about some of yous <:(

gLeNny gEe
...wEbDeVEr gOne bEsErK!

email: glengordon01@...

> > No, but how about Etruscan (and Lemnian) *as- "god", the Yaz-
>people, "iron" (aes) people, and your own theory of Goths as casters
>and founders? (yes I know about the /n/ in *ansuz, but how about
>nasalisation in the other cognates?)
>What "other cognates"? What "cognates" in the first place? Iranian
>yaz- has nothing to do with *h2ajes- ("aes"), and *as- : *ansu- is
>not what you might call a compelling equation.
> > Where I come from, a story is either true or false. I don't
>understand Klingenbergs epistemology: What exactly is "non-history"
>and in italics at that)? The question is: Is Snorri's story of Odin
>true or false?
>OK, it's _factually_ false. It is evidently a late construct -- a
>piece of literary fiction, inspired partly by Germanic traditions,
>partly by Graeco-Roman influences, and framed in a Christian context.
> > Klingenberg does not answer that question, he just assumes as
>obvious that he did.
>Did you read the article or just the summary I quoted?
> > Therefore: the question is open and Snorri's stories are as true as
>those of Herodotus, as far as I'm concerned
>What can I say to such a dogmatic statement of your uncritical trust
>in Snorri? "As far as I'm concerned" is the key phrase here.
>Unfortunately, many people won't take your word for it.

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