Re: [tied] Odin as a Trojan Prince

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 8488
Date: 2001-08-14

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>> Snorri makes Odin a wanderer from Troy and you ask how I know what
his literary model is ... I hope you don't buy stuff like "Aesir =
Asiamen" as based on fact.

> No, but how about Etruscan (and Lemnian) *as- "god", the Yaz-
people, "iron" (aes) people, and your own theory of Goths as casters
and founders? (yes I know about the /n/ in *ansuz, but how about
nasalisation in the other cognates?)

What "other cognates"? What "cognates" in the first place? Iranian
yaz- has nothing to do with *h2ajes- ("aes"), and *as- : *ansu- is
not what you might call a compelling equation.

> Where I come from, a story is either true or false. I don't
understand Klingenbergs epistemology: What exactly is "non-history"
and in italics at that)? The question is: Is Snorri's story of Odin
true or false?

OK, it's _factually_ false. It is evidently a late construct -- a
piece of literary fiction, inspired partly by Germanic traditions,
partly by Graeco-Roman influences, and framed in a Christian context.

> Klingenberg does not answer that question, he just assumes as
obvious that he did.

Did you read the article or just the summary I quoted?

> Therefore: the question is open and Snorri's stories are as true as
those of Herodotus, as far as I'm concerned

What can I say to such a dogmatic statement of your uncritical trust
in Snorri? "As far as I'm concerned" is the key phrase here.
Unfortunately, many people won't take your word for it.