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Date: 2001-08-06

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> I think I mentioned this earlier, but I still find it remarkable.
> Oresund is in certain older (Modern) English documents simply 'The
> Sound'. The remarkable thing is that it's not the Something Sound,
> in Long Island Sound, or Puget Sound. It's like The Channel or The
> Atlantic, or the moon or the sun. A unique singularity. It says
> something about British sailors and their world-view -- and how far
> they sailed.
No, it says something about the charts they used because they were
Dutch. Dutch maps call it De Sondt. And it was a very important
waterway, also to the English, before the got their empire, because
it was the only permitted route to the Baltic, and the Danes
collected Sound dues, which was the major income source of the Danish
crown for many hundred years. This is why "Hamlet" takes place in
Elsinore (Helsingør); it was the second largest city in Denmark. The
Sound dues were abolished only in 1857, after American pressure.