Re: Celtic Jutland

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 8326
Date: 2001-08-05

If there are any questions that Tacitus wrote basically the same as


[chapter 2]
Ipsos Germanos indigenas crediderim minimeque aliarum gentium
adventibus et hospitiis mixtos, quia nec terra olim, sed classibus
advehebantur qui mutare sedes quaerebant, et inmensus ultra utque sic
dixerim adversus Oceanus raris ab orbe nostro navibus aditur. Quis
porro, praeter periculum horridi et ignoti maris, Asia aut Africa aut
Italia relicta Germaniam peteret, informem terris, asperam caelo,
tristem cultu adspectuque, nisi si patria sit?

Real Germanos [are] native, trusting very few and different peoples
[to] approach [and] mix as guests, since once upon a time not by
land, but brought [by] fleets those questing for a change [of] home,
and even sailed from the other side, of that called hostile Oceanus,
[as its] rare from our region [that] ships approach.

Traditional Rendering (Thomas Gordon)
The Germans, I am apt to believe, derive their original from no other
people; and are nowise mixed with different nations arriving amongst
them: since anciently those who went in search of new buildings,
travelled not by land, but were carried in fleets; and into that
mighty ocean so boundless, and, as I may call it, so repugnant and
forbidding, ships from our world rarely enter.

JS Crary