[tied] Re: Celtic Jutland

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Date: 2001-08-04

--- In cybalist@..., "Marc Verhaegen" <marc.verhaegen@...> wrote:
> >Sounds a little like the Dutch Kattegat (quade Gat)
> >= evil hole. JS Crary
> Are you sure that the older name for "Kattegat" was "quade Gat"? I
> the word came from Scandinavian or so. Volksetymological
> Marc

No I'm not. I got it from


where the writer assumes a relation to *cod- in Sinus Codanus.
Dutch /kwaad/ "evil, bad" has no cognates that I know of in
Scandinavian. /gat/ in modern Danish is used exclusively of the
spawning etc orifice of fish. In Dutch /gat/ is "hole" and /katte(n?)
gat/ is "loophole".