Re: [tied] Re: godos

From: Max Dashu
Message: 8093
Date: 2001-07-25

>> Or perhaps "speaking like a Goth"? In South America the Spanish are
>> known as "Godos", so it can obviously be used in a derogatory sense.

It was laudatory in Spain, representing the pinnacle of limpieza de sangre,
but in Latin America, the Indians and mestizos understandably had negative
feelings about it, as the whole expropriatory caste system.

>Certainly, 'Goths' (i.e., East-Germanic-speaking people) were part of
>(Iberian) Spanish history. Quite a few very snobby Spanish families
>think of themselves as of Gothic descent.
>Just speculating: 'Goth' could be a word applied by lower-class
>Spanish-speakers to snobby upper-class Spanish-speakers, parallel to
>of 'WASP' (= White Anglo-Saxon-Protestant) or 'Brahmin' as applied to
>the very white, very protestant, very old-family/old-money upper crust
>of Boston, Mass.

I think that's right, for South America anyway. The Sephardi can well be
imagined having similar feelings.

Max Dashu